Jeff Harrison

Red squirrel
Red squirrel
WB-01---Wades-Bridge-(Small-pano-with-border-and-title)---A40V0377 LR
Wade’s Bridge
Red-D-016---Red-Deer-Stag-(A4-with-border-and-title)---A40V9970 LR
Red Deer Stag
Fort-04---A-Winters-Night-in-Fortingall-(Small-pano-with-border-and-title)---A40V3347 LR
A Winter’s Night in Fortingall
Glen-L-03---Allt-Da-ghob-waterfall-and-Roman-Bridge-(A4-with-border-and-title)---A40V0544 LR
Allt Da ghob waterfall and Roman Bridge

Jeff Harrison

Prior to moving to Keltneyburn (just 2 miles from Fortingall) in early 2015 Jeff was one of East Anglia’s best known Wildlife, Nature & Landscape Photographers.

Since his first solo Exhibition in 2008 he has taken part in more than 20 other Exhibitions, including a further 12 solo Exhibitions.

He has also established a reputation as an interesting and entertaining speaker, having presented more than 200 Illustrated Talks to various Natural History & Conservation Societies; RSPB/Wildlife Trust/National Trust Local Groups; Gardening Clubs; WI Groups; U3A groups; Camera Clubs and other interested Groups & Organisations.

It’s more than 40 years since he first started observing and photographing wildlife and his images have been widely published on the internet as well as featuring in newspapers and in photography, bird and wildlife magazines.

He is one of only a handful of photographers to have been specially licensed to photograph Kingfishers, Barn Owls and Avocets at their nest sites and, having monitored Kingfishers for some 10 years, now has one of the most comprehensive libraries of Kingfisher images available anywhere.

Please note that none of Jeff’s wildlife photographs have been taken at zoos, animal rescue centres, safari or so-called ‘wildlife’ parks, falconry/bird of prey centres or similar establishments. He has little interest in photographing captive subjects and believes that true ‘wildlife’ photography is all about capturing images of creatures that are wild and free and with the essential elements of good fieldcraft skills, some knowledge of the subject’s behaviour/habitat and infinite patience usually playing a major part.

He also believes that the ‘golden rule’ of wildlife photography is that the interests and wellbeing of the subject must always come first.

More examples of Jeff’s work may be viewed on his website or Facebook page:

Tel: 07966 465775