Jo Cound

Autumn Cherry in the Snow - Tenacious Trees
Autumn Cherry in the Snow – Tenacious Trees
Moss in Love
Moss in Love
Hollow Ash - Tenacious Trees - pinhole image
Hollow Ash – Tenacious Trees – pinhole image
Nymphaea 'Blue Beauty'
Nymphaea ‘Blue Beauty’




Jo’s passion for film was ingrained in her at Bournville College of Art, where she processed her first film and made her first print aged 16. Watching the image magically appear in the developer tray was the most amazing thing she’d ever seen. The alchemy of photography captured her imagination and the darkroom is still her favourite place to be.

Jo has been working as a photographer for nearly 20 years. She is inspired by nature and all things that grow. Attracted to the intricate details of moss, flowers, and fungi, she creates images hoping to show the viewer something different with her painterly style. Trees are another love and the ever changing landscape around her.

Jo prefers to work on film and hand prints her images in her darkroom. Some work is now captured digitally, but the final print is a light sensitive quality photograph. Studying photography at Bournville college of Art and then on to BA (hons) Design Photography in 1996, her roots are in the traditional analogue method. This year to celebrate analogue photography, The Silver Alchemy Collective was formed with Dave Hunt and Jamie Grant.

Jo started her own business in 1999, undertaking small commercial jobs, selling fine art prints through Galleries and Fairs and running Photography workshops, also teaching at several university and colleges. An opportunity for her to move to Perthshire came in 2005 whilst she was retracing places in the 200 year old book ‘Scotia Depicta’.

On show is a selection of tropical waterlilies taken and exhibited in The Waterlily House at Kew Gardens 2002, some from the series ‘Tenacious Trees’ taken on large format and pinhole cameras. There is also photography from the fascinating world of moss and lichen, and a few mosscapes.

Jo exhibits in galleries and at fairs and takes part in Perthshire Open Studios. Workshops on Close up, Landscape and Pinhole Photography run throughout the year.


phone: 01764 670247
mob:    07931 357977