Lynsey Isles


Lynsey is a mostly self-taught artist. After introductory studies of Graphic Design and Illustration, she soon realised that it was the Illustration techniques which caught her imagination. Her lifelong love of animals and the outdoors is a constant inspiration for her creative practice.

Lynsey has developed a realistic illustrative style with strong attention to detail. Her colourful work not only captures their beauty, shape and form but also their emotional reactions and interactions, often resulting in a fun piece of wildlife art.

Lynsey works from a selection of her own photographs and wildlife reference images to sketch up her pieces on to a pastel mat board. She then uses a range of high quality soft pastels, gently building up the layers before adding the finer detail with pastel pencils.


Lynsey Isles - Robin on branch
Lynsey Isles - Loyalty
Lynsey Isles- The Heilan Calf
Lynsey Isles - Listening for the hounds
Lynsey Isles - Blaze