Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell Da (Maggie Lascelles)

Edinburgh is where I was born and lived until I was 5, after which my family emigrated to Bermuda in 1947, where a teacher, also Scottish, showed me her sketchbook of watercolours. I was entranced so she gave me my first lessons.

ART EDUCATION. The most exciting of my 5 years at art college was the first one at Dartington Hall Arts Centre in Devon, before returning to Scotland.

After three years at Edinburgh College of Art, I got married and went to live in Angus, transferring to the Duncan of Jordonstone, Dundee for the diploma year.

In those days my work was very different, large, loose oils and other media. Now I prefer watercolours, often with mixed media and the pictures have become smaller and easier to travel with.

I love to paint outside, especially in a warm climate abroad, where curious trees, exotic plants and gardens are favourite subjects. At home, landscapes and coastal sketches and flowers inspire me, sometimes with the welcome addition of an animal, bird or person wandering into view.

Gardening is my other passion, luring me outside most days and somehow more compelling than getting on with painting. The best thing about winter blizzards and short days, is spending quiet hours in my studio finishing pictures, of which there are far too many, often begun years ago. This is why there are sometimes two dates on them.


7 SOLO SHOWS. Including the Calton Gallery and Hanover Fine Arts.

GROUP SHOWS. I have participated in many, mostly in Scotland, but also in London and Jamaica. “Paintings in Hospitals” has several of my pictures in their loan scheme. My work is in private collections in Britain and worldwide.

PERTHSHIRE OPEN STUDIOS. I showed for five years in my house but not recently.

Margaret Mitchell - Birdcherry
Margaret Mitchell - Birdcherry
Margaret Mitchell - Leaning larch
Margaret Mitchell - Leaning larch
Margaret Mitchell - Tuscan landscape
Margaret Mitchell - Tuscan landscape