Maryann Ryves


I trained at Manchester School of Art in the 80’s and worked for 10 years in design studios in London as a freelance textile designer. Painting gradually became my primary focus and oil has always been my favourite medium as it compliments the use of colour in my work. I continue to develop my ideas and am very open to new and exciting influences.
Before starting a painting I like to go out and sketch, but also use reference material in the studio; often working on several pieces at once, I can develop ideas with more fluidity and enjoy surprising myself with the direction some pieces take.
This year I have had a painting selected for the Royal Society of Arts Open Exhibition in Edinburgh.

instagram:  maryannryves
mob:            07899 941476

Maryann Ryves - Afternoon Table
Maryann Ryves - Saturday Afternoon Table
Maryann Ryves - Harbour Wall
Maryann Ryves - Garden Tulips
Maryann Ryves - Overhang