Weem Drink and a Draw

Collaboration event with Weem Drink and a Draw

Fortingall Art and the ‘Drink and a Draw’ life drawing sessions held in the Weem hotel came together for a charity life drawing afternoon at the Molteno Hall with the aim to produce a small collection of life drawings to be shared at this years Summer Exhibition.

The session was held on Sunday 9th June with 3 models for 4 hours for an informal and relaxed art session for all levels and was enjoyed by all who came showing a diverse style of drawing and painting of the human form.

Photos from the session are due to be published very soon and Artists have the option of submitting copies of finished drawings to create a display at the exhibition in July.

Following on the success we are looking into the possibility of holding further events later in the year. If you are interested in taking part as an artists or even a sitter please get in touch. / 07887 588573

Drink and Draw Event Poster
Charity life drawing event